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A cordial invitation to be present is extended to all persons. Annual Report by the secre-

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upper part of the chest. The spontaneous evacuation of the pus through

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sacrificed in the time of'the Incas to the sun, used by the Mexicans

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lows : First, paper to be read should be announced on or before Jan. 31st,

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eight. Examinations on anatomy, medical chemistry, physiology, obstetrics.

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Fifteen minutes after admission the left side of the face and the left arm and

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by a well-marked febrile reaction. In the morning, however, she felt per-

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account tlieir oi ii;in is usually attributed to exposure to cold, whereas in real-

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what extended tour in Europe, after which he will return to this continent, and

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amination that he possesses a thorough knowledge of the branches taught in

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making good the early deficiency. Congenital nystagnms is distinguished

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to hear that essays were sent from distant portions of the country, and it is ru-

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In use, the object selected should be held in front of the patient, a little

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of antiseptics can be used, if associated withV ^e purgation, without their

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Dr. Hyde called attention to the fact that Moser Iiad recently laid bare the

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Even if the silk be carbolized and cut short in the wound, and the

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four stories is the type of Swiss neatness. There are two buildin^^s, both of

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city practice without the loss of a single patient, and he has come to look

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to the verge of syncope, long continued, and severe enough to alarm most

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I must now close. If you should like it, I shall be glad to report inter-

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ered power over their intercostal and abdominal muscles." He claims,

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bladder and discovered the calculus, which was supposed to be a large

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black in the folds of joints. She had pain and great tenderness in the lum-

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peratures. Mead, in his work on poison, in 1708, had observed that

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mind with a perpetual succe£fsipn of beautiful and

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the pyloric region, generally on or near the lesser curvature ; are seldom

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sues, evidences of meningitis, ^-ith thickening of the vessels, well marked

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membrane of the stomach and turning it inwards, bringing the raw sur-

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fort ; indeed, but for the relief thus obtained in walking, and the sleep thus pro-

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severe, but combined they nearly deprived the patient of the power of

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Dr. Noyes's operation, and said he liad performed this operation four or

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the bowels and in gastric ulcer. The nitrate is given in doses of a third of a

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1872. Annali della R. Accademia d'Agricoltura. Volume xv., 1872.

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scope showed no traces of vegetable life, thus furnishing a i extremely strong

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equation showing the reaction which takes place on performing the test. The

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rapid and sensible amelioration, but it is added that the treatment is yet

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the house and grounds simply by asking to have a door unlocked, and they

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surrounded by an air of simplicity that is deceptive, but, like the study of

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of fissure or painful erosions was justified, and called for treatment which

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parallel with the umbilicus, carefully palpating the left half of the lumbar

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peral Fever. By W. T. Lusk, M. D., Professor of Obstetrics and Diseases of Children in

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When for any reason sodium salicylate cannot be given by the mouth

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