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is reported, has used salicin successfully in many other cases of rheuma-

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and Held). The roots of this nerve are composed of two kinds of fi)>res :

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regarded as an operation of considerable magnitude, often requiring an

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parts. In many instances the burning and pungency of the solution was

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to go over to Europe until matters were settled. Marion Sims intro-

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at once or in divided doses before breakfast every morning, or, if the patient

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+ Keep it legal Whatever your use, remember that you are responsible for ensuring that what you are doing is legal. Do not assume that just

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This little book is a collection of the author's contributions on this subject

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in writing. We believe this was one of the first schools in the country to

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degree and frequency, whether fecal matter be present or not ; they are

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a rule the paralysis is at first of the spastic type, with exaggerated knee-

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iron, and the tr. ferri chlor. was omitted, as it caused vomiting. The child's lip

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the occurrence of the bleeding, and two eminent physicians, who examined

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course, .and if carefully treated leave no ill results behind. But as it

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applies the term insanity of pregnancy to cases in which mental alienation

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took a moderate amount of food witiiout oppression, altliough occasion-

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decree forbiddinij the use of such wood in heating ovens.

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nate of calcium to eliminate an excess of lime that has been absorbed.

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Physicians in which he had demonstrated by diagrams and specimens, both

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four or five months; it would have been movable with the uterus, and would

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In the second case reported the whole behavior during the examination

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lacerated wound of tlie palm of the hand, almost all the integument being de-

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acrrrravate rather than to assist the cure of the unfortunate beinors

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plexus of nerve cells and fibres which seems to preside over tlie move-

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cated, while the second may have very serious results, and under favorable

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geal varices, they would be found much more commonly than is supposed,

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at the same time could be pressed deeply into the iliac fossa without

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Uiiiverf*ity of Pennsylvania, hospital of, clinical serv-

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tion when the stronger solution was injected. The stools became formed and

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returning empty ones. The ice is used not only in Switzerland, but is also

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space is not large. In case we have to leave the application of the

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name of science unnecessary and unproductive tortures, I believe that, as a

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