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iciue and are aclmitted unchallenged to almost any medical school in the coun-
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moniacal, ropy urine derived from cases of chronic cystitis yields, by
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Melsen's observations and experiments on the use of iodine preparations,
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greater than that of extension, therefore better use is obtained after active
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absent from the blood in a large number of cases of secondary anemia.
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after there was a very large spontaneous discharge at this point. At this time
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in all })robability having entered within the skull, further interference
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a fault in the unity of the work. The chapters on pyelitis, on inflammation
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and have obtained from them so many valuable suggestions, and
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* Re'pertoire de Pharmacie et Journal de Chimie medicale reunis, 1876, page 528.
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tion of food around the teeth. We should not expect to find it on the
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was detected. When this observation is considered in connection with
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cousiders to be a chronic inflammation growing out of abusive functional activ-
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University paid $705 to the medical examiners, as shown by the bursar's
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common, the process can be seen in its various stages : (a) A mere in-
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and closed the opening in the bowel by two rows of silk sutures and an
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neglected under-drainage, accumulated night-soil, uncollected or improperly
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found to be toni off' from almost all the bone exposed, and near the centre
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Pruritus Outaneus. — Dr. R. W. Taylor, of New York, presents, in
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of those living in this way who are in poor circumstances do light work occa-
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temporary congestion in a kidney which already contains some red sand, facil-
enhancerx does it work
rass respiration or deglutition, the operation certainly should not be post-
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the next few weeks the patient received several falls, one of which was quite
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that it is less sensitive than either nitric acid or heat. Dr. Tyson, however,
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observed in the small or shrunken testicles of old men, and affects both
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This might be answered by the equally complete proposition : they
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themselves, and as they are at present governed we have little to expect from
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Paroxysmal cardiac dyspnea may be relieved by the action of the
which the gauze dressing has been made up for a long time beforehand,
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tannic acid. Next day bleeding continued ; tincture of matico applied in
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phenomena indicating pressure on the spinal cord, to exchide a neuritis of
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The eczema may spread itself rapidly over the whole surface, and in
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cating with the membranes just at the time when the inflammation
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