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was placed on the old skin below the line of operation.

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finally there is copious " coffee-grounds " vomiting, and this may present a

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of many of the cases, for the ])assa<T0 of the liquid toward the ear is dis-

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of relief in any given case. In some it will be a Kraske or some of its

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tion. I have seen him run and jump as though he had no heart disease.

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Carliolic acid so used does not yield good results, says D\ Van

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The second clipping of the card will expose to the first institution such and

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late Professor of Venereal Diseases in the College of Physicians and Surgeons, New York

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quest were it not that he had received written invitations from several mem-

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sufficiently recognized, but the speaker was satisfied of its truth from a careful

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substance (kittsuhstanz) is more nearly fluid than after death, and that

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facts are beyond dispute, but the theory is quite inadequate to explain the

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controlling this form of hemorrhage, which, while it is rarely fatal, occa-

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tendinous irritation, a form of treatment he has practiced for many years and

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mean nothing ; but, according to Dr. Revillet, if to such ambiguous signs

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right side of the two lower vertebra3, communicating with the abscess

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The following preparations are made by Metcalf & Co., of Bos-

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One year ago I withdrew from the abdomen about ten quarts of fluid.

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The |)atient was a married Eiiglisli woman who had suffered from a

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2 to 3.30 p.m. — General session of the Congress under the direction of the

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patient became shortly convalescent. Second, is there danger of exhaus-

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of this sort the theory of Onimus is hardly applicable. Even in the

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spinal cord, whose nutrition has been lowered by defect of blood-supply,

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seen an hour after, he made no complaint. He had no precordial pain,

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between the thumb and forefinger, the left between the fore and middle

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of rising higher, is an aim with which one may honorably rest content ; sec-

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