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76 The Boston Society for Medical Observation. [July 19,
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and West ends were the relatively small number of children and the large
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tender skins there is often developed between the eighth and fourteenth
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tals were for the most part dirty and ill adapted for the uses required of them.
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Rapid Cure of Popliteal Aneurism hy Pressure.'^ — This subject was
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board of censors should be appointed as an examining and licensing commit-
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not care to become a member of any medical society, was severely handled by
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were removed, and the dura punctured. The operation gave relief for a
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The president added that the two maladies might be combined, as where
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become swollen, and to increase in their rate of multiplication. If, how-
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judicate the question ; but, if the course of other cities is followed, water-
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The chemical poisons, provided they were strong, always gave imme-
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Whether there is a group of cases of Avhich the morbid conditions belong
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actiiifT at tlic saino tliiio as a tonic. It is an exccllcMit remedy in clironie
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sions, and weddings, and is astonished that others do not see them."
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fluctuation just posterior and to the left of the cervix, where an aspirator
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tory result, the needle being inserted through the abdominal parietes. After
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more rapidly absorbed than the acid. This inference seems to be sup-
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The first part is taken up with an exhaustive report on the progress of
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quietly and unostentatiously doing for the cause of medical progress, and its
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milk. Fourteen days from this time I again saw the child, when the following
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sent to Africa, where he remained two years. Shortly after this he went on a
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rial the heart beats had been reduced to forty or- fifty p<r mirnite, it
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tions, and even microscopic changes are rare in the occipital lobes. This
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saying that Dr. Noyes insisted upon removing all the nerves and tissues withiu
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of wine of antimony, iji. ; of spirits of nitrous ether, fjss. ; of water,
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slipped on a common rubber band, which worked well as far as the pessary
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to use it occasionally after recovery, on the recurrence of any of the former
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shown in cases of scarlatina, variola, and syphilis. That medicine
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tinually secured. My patients have, in every instance, been able to take
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requirements would be a most valuable addition to his armamentarium.
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going inland a few miles, among the foot-hills. Here an invalid finds all the
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(3.) That this bronchus should be in free communication with the
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connection with tlie cerebral symptoms just mentioned, authorized him
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parents or their children, but the mother's first cousin lost two children
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urine is completely arrested. It was subsequently very forcibly impressed

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