Fentanyl Lollipops For Breakthrough Pain

atrophy of the tongue, with inability to protrude it. Fibrillary tremors

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I have used the drug in two cases since. In both an easy and speedy

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under the ordinary treatment by poultices, water dressings, etc. In

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of students to become practically familiar with disease and symptoms of dis-

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with bronchial respiration and subcrepitant rales above the third rib. The

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which had been appointed for the operation it was discovered that the

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ture of the cord on the placental site. He believes that it favors retention

fentanyl lollipops for breakthrough pain

hand are placed near the external border of the right abdominal muscle

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in close relation with the fibres for the tongue, to the centre for the laryn-

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tion it was hardly more than three millimetres wide in the middle of

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of the menopause. It was well borne in every case, but with two or three

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did not feel sure that it existed until he found that it moistened tissue-paper

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mented median abdominal line of pregnancy. Of these seventy-six were

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memory good, and no intellectual trouble whatever. He has never had

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nor do we consider him incurably ill with Bright's disease because we find

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changes in the structure of the kidney is anaemia. When the nutrition

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tival sac, being unable to escape, might decompose and act as sources of

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The colors should be tempered, according to the preservative employed,

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caused by large doses of quinine, Mr. Woakes advises its use in those

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bed all night. Of course, the other remedies given did much to bring

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that we find a dilation of the pupil, and the pain is usually less.

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Enfield, N. H., but removed in a few weeks to Billerica, ]\Iass., where he remained about

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the reestablishment of the anterior chamber would tend to keep the

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the absence of the menstrual stimulus. — British Medical Journal, Septem-

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unusual form of curve, resulting from allowing the whole body to settle

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Htprnnrrhaf/es smaller in quantity, and more circumscribed in area, m^iy

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^ Arlt. Augenkrankheiten. 1856. \Bd. ii., page 275.

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^ On Spasmodic Urethral Stricture. Archives of Dermatology, vol. i., No. 3.

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woman in attendance picked to pieces, " thinking there might be a baby in it,"

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He also studied absorption with reference to the ureter and urethra.

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Alopecia Areata. — P. MIchelson publishes ^ a long paper upon the

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eter about three fourths of an inch long, and of the same size as the tubing.

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president, Dr. E. K. Scpiibb, of Brooklyn, great credit is due for the manner

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