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was much anchylosis of the joints, and the plantar nerves were pressed upon

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tumours again are not uncommonly multiple ; and in some cases of

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of the urethra, that he could not remove from within the bladder. He

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fibres from the tuberculum acusticum, namely, the strice acousticce. It is

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of perimeningitis rarely gives rise to any symptoms in connection with

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throw any doubt on Dr. Playfair's opinion that in his case the puerperal

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hammamelis " contains, which he mentions as a household remedy.

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It must be remembered, however, that non-syphilitic affections of the

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soon as the indications for its use had been removed. About two months

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that would compare favorably with the i)hiii proposed by Dr. .Joliii Jones in

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edge of anatomy and pliysiology. Fifth, the individual appointed to have

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irritation of the cilio-spinal region by some morbid growth or injury, or

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Halipr^. Ilcv. Neurolog. 1895, Nr. 16. — 56. Oppexheim. Perl. klin. JFoch. 1889,

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^away by such means, as I must admit seems likely to be the case/ But I

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which respectively lie ventral and lateral. In the pons, although the

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Dr. Donkin ^ also advocates the use of a milk diet in certain inflam

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is in a very depreciated condition of health, and lives at a considerable dis-

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Whereas, William J. Sawin, M. D., of Chicopee Falls, a distinguished mem-

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aspect. The child, exce[)t that he can still make faces, has little more

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and 'pyin. The latter substance, like mucin, is precipitated by acetic

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held responsible for the malignant character of the affection. Those miliary

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be apparent as showing in a striking manner of what excellent material the

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was the sole cause of the trouble." Also, when speaking of a case of

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former American editions, but this text-book is essentially an English text-book,

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To the President and Members of the Ontario Medical Council :

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cases. These specific gravities are among the lowest which Jones has met

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shows a slight or no reaction between the fifth and eighth days, other

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as far as seen, clean and apparently covered with minute points of healthy

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obstruction by compressing the common duct near its opening into the intes-

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pelled enveloped in the membranes, which were intact and completely

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