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dent condition of the organ ; and the constant ajjpo-

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"be sent to the Honorai-y Secretary previous to the

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recovered. In many cases the diarrhcea continued obsti-

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among the Civil Population."— Medical Society of London,

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kin and Mr. Scott, lay in a very low condition, their

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injured or broke the skin a little below the nipple.

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in Hospital, a case of typhus was brought in by mis-

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because evidently it is better to state an idea in one

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greater proclivity to this disease obsei-ved in primi-

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Our extracts are from the First Chapter, ' Of Locke's Medical

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a similar case quoted, as occui-ring in consequence of

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the father ; Ijut assuredly such public abuse of Sir

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of mortal intensity. In the fifth place, alcohol, un-

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It is the only bit of English by its author, except a

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Finally, the pulsation became manifest to the eye ; the

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Dr. Gaii-dner appeai-ed to be incapable of appreciating

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eases — that is, as long as the contents of the erup-

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there is a physical jjart played as well. The motion

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syphilitic disease, are bound distinctly to show that

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sion of the name from the list of members shall not be deemed,

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heard and saw, to be satisfied — that a considerable dif-

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the foiu- years preceding the last, we find that the

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it, are found equally in the so-called light wines and

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deranged. The following case affords us an example of

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any time a greater, if even so great, a proportion of men sick

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the purpose of revising the regulations which relate

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be brought about by the use of diaphoretics, and that,

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is often so violent and obstinate as to cause the death

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months there was no trace ol ulcer; periostitis completely

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bears also to paralysis tfds further relation, that in

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the candidates for their diplomas to gain the required

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