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Law. — In Springfield, Illinois, on Saturday, October 22d,
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one days' leave of absence from September 22, 1910.
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depth of the vein in the subcutaneous fat mav cause
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Behaiidlung. Berliner klinische IVochenschrift, igio. 35,
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fight disease with dietetic measures rather than with
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urine. Wassermann reaction September 27th, -I — |- ; Sep-
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genitals are rather sketchy, even if they are thor-
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lar preparations, ^^'hen heated to 50° C. it can be
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organs, particularly the heart and kidneys, are ex-
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f, superior cervical ganglion; g, middle cervical ganglion; It, in-
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supernatant fiuid). Relapse October 22d, periostitis right
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which are, generally, of fair quality, but of limited
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(2) Glycogenolysis (the re-conversion of glycogen into dex-
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nosis themselves in the second instance and call the
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the upper portions of the trunk, about the breasts,
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veloped. Rise of temperature. Death one month after
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and second the absorption of the split ofif residue
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leave out the real artist who will do the painting."
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General Practitioner. Comprising Examination of Urine,
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insertion at this time. The following named States have
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of tiie disease." Von During states that the great-
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of so called acute myelitis, and also of acute polio-
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fine absolutely the territory which should by right
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corroboration of this fact, I will quote from a let-
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alogue of Medical and Veterinary Zoology. Parts ^O. 31.
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Leaving 1/4 of the gland — no glycosuria but decreased toler-
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Tile that is over the Doore: and if it be a Tile, make a
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preference on the part of the subjects as they took
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marital coitus, had symptoms of acute gonorrhoea which
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cases, 6 deaths ; measles, 22 cases, 4 deaths ; diphtheria, 6i
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tentatively give up the inoculations but continue tn
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for colored people, where she received $10 a week. She
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or 0.5 c.c. The second and third are twice as large.
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According to the last United States census, nine out of every ten nurses had no institu-
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rationale of the method consists of diminishing the
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tics, thereby limiting absorption ; third, its promot-
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pointed the following committee : Dr. J. A. Fordyce, Dr. S.

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