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Fcvtus in utero, affected by mediclue which is given to
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memory of Dr. Peter C. Gaillard, of Charleston, South Carolina, the perfect
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retentions ; in one hundred and forty-six where one ligature was applied,
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Examination revealed a very marked but very pliable curve, as seen in
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for the respiratory murmur heard physiologically in the larynx and
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ately. I vary the proportions according to age, increasing the proportion
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At the time of writing we know not the particulars as to his last illness, except-
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erable additional accumi4lation. The patient is then in the distressing
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fever which rapidly reaches its maximum of intensity, and has a short career,
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them being very near the water of the magnificent harbor on the shores
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to working all day in the rain a few days Ixsfore they appeared.
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the third day of his attack he remained in bed, though he would
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monsters of the deep^affibrA^ a> safer' retireiat«(i^
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These islands will never receive the attention they deserve from invalids
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reached a stalwart, somewhat self-restrained, period of youth. It is destined
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mical Study." Professor MacaUster is one of the most progressive teachers
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recommendation that the dilution should be effected only at the time when
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university a number of years ago by the city government, rather against the
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usually met with in the lower thoracic and lumbo-sacral regions of the
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formula for its preparation is: One part gelatine or clear calves'-foot jelly,
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Tuesday, May 29th. 3 p.m. — Congress opened by the chairman of the
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ered ; soon, however, reaction occurred, and he became feverish and
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to reproduce the article, in the hope that it may be the means of removing
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tubercular meningitis in a boy aged eight years, in which drainage of the
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after section ; (2) vaso-dilators, irritable by slow rhythmical stimula-
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fore-arm. The result show^ed that the implanted skin had not gained any
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Patient given cathartics and bowels kei)t loose. At first 8le[)t a good deal.
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August 10th. Patient is up and dressed; swelling much subsided; position
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eschar is formed, the depth of which may reach to the nearest bony
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states that his examination of several sj)ecimens shows that they are
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and are surrounded by lymph sinuses into which empty the lacteal ducts
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one of two conditions : either there is a relative excess of the formation of cho-
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think or if we have been taught that mercury is of avail in iritis, we
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the latter part of her illness the patient was delirious at times ; nourish-
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The only conclusion at which one can arrive, then, is that the benefit inva-
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and even when gradual in onset there may at any time be a sudden
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and of the domestic propensities should be well developed. When these are
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to a natural condition a radical cure might be obtained.
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struation had eeased a few days before. She was restless to a de^rroe,
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tissues of the growth. In this emergency I saved myself a long journey home
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bile ducts were very much dilated, the smallest ones with the atrophied hepatic
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crease their sale by such courses, there is no doubt they will follow them while
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entirely misrepresented, as they have been again, and quite recently, by
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hnt whether any are to be accounted for by arrested menstrual or
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uated the fluid, and injected a four-ounce syringeful of the tincture of iodine.
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sition is presented in the fact that the microscope showed bacteria lactis inva-
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each dose should contain a definite quantity of each active ingredient.

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