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means of a button and groove, like some midwifery forceps. The handles are

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satisfied, on account of the wideness of their scope.

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(3) The changes in the nervous system are such as may be seen in

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charged, the inhalers resumed their occupation. Immediately an unwonted

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very profitable one. We are told by those who were present that it was an

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Barbara is a sea-coast town, and some of the disadvantages inseparable from

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There was no subsequent hiemorrhuge. The patient, a few days after the

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as a rule give rise to no symptoms ; and symptoms may be absent or

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A few days later, however, another complication arose : the patient had

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surface of the dura mater occupying the peridural space ; or they may be

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The external wound did well throughout his whole sickness, and healed by

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there is much ettiision, ice-bags should be applied to the knee. The pa-

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cine and allied sciences. The present volume is quite up to the standard of

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be preferred in the severer cases, in doses proportionate to the age, as it

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and in 1873 the society again assumed the expense of publication. Tiic vol-

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unimpaired action of the deeper neck muscles, Avhich are also rotators of

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quently and regularly with beef tea and egg-nog, or something of that

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Co. These were as follows : (a) Sulpho-chromic catgut. No. 4, placed

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Three days after the operation the temperature of the left leg was one de-

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Mr. Z. and his sister with the same symptoms as before. They stated that

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The annual address was then delivered by Dr. C. C. Tower. Subject,

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As the season approaches when patients with consumptive tendencies con-

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of urine and marked albuminuria. Dr. Bucquoy agrees with Professor

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areas of such soils, extending far up the mountains, which are clothed

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and did not touch the ground. There were several openings on the an-

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the presence or absence of complications, due on the one hand to a

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