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modern charlatans outside our ranks, and inside, too, employ them. W^hen a
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ceedings cannot fail to impress one with the fact that, although there were no
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1877.] Progress in the Treatment of Children s Diseases. 167
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the deformity was of such character as to lead one to indulge in thoughts
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or limbs, or both ; according as the seat of the mischief in the meninges
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ous prostration and loss of sleep, consequent upon the free use of alco-
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(8.) That a pleuritic exudation does not compress the lung in the manner
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Pittsburg under tlio presidency of Dr. 1). Hayes Agnew, of this city.
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ion, become a thing of the past. The stone floors, although with cemented
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brain itself, at the orit^in of the olfactories, or of the nerves themselves.
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Bryant says (pa(:ro 86G) : ''These cases are serious on account of the
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portant questions, from the relations between pauperism and hospitals and the
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Dr. Menzies, of the Rainhill Asylum at Liverpool {American Journal
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two inches in its longest measure, and half an inch in diameter. Re-
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rise to the lactational type of insanity. These blood poisons engender the
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point of view, is not without its advantages, and is certainly a step in the right
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areas Avhich are responsive to comparatively feeble stimulation. I have
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Great abuses had existed here and in Europe for many years, but hospitals
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tutes might be encouraged to take up the work. They have the labora-
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is often unsymmetrical ; sometimes it is limited to one side. Occasionally,
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Paris, 1894, Ixvii. p. 1401. — 72. Volpert. iJe let syphilis midullaire. Nancy, 1894.
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that I had strong hopes of the patient's recovery. The rapidity of the
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arteries are spurting little streams of blood, but I shall not tie them
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of the reports, doing a " great work." The result of this is that more
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upper border of the symphysis. The part of the incision nearest the
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(4.) The occurrence of gall-stones is generally observed at an earlier period
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Medical School, which avowed itself the rival of Harvard, and endeavored to
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localises its lower end in a group of cells situated dorso-externally
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made, and the prisoner was convicted and sentenced to five years in the state-

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