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subject of the amalgamation of the medical services

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within 7 miles. Post-office Orders payable to I. ISAACS and CO.,

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the Right Hon. the E.\RL M.\NVERS has kindly consented to

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skin of the face may be the seat of impetiginous eczema,

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of rickets. As to the lime-water, recommended by the

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was one death in 2.43 of patients. Hence, this epi-

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The pericardial effusion began to lessen in four days

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no means gorged with blood, and were slightly emphy-

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inflammations, softening and reducing hard swellings,

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engaged to be married to another medical man. But the

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affections of totally different nature. This name just

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mittee, the treasurer be empowered to pay to each of

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may have so perished ; and verdicts of deatli from aflec-

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time of his leaving iMigland, he had only been able to

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flap has the form of a horse-shoe. If it be necessary

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the main symptoms of both cases being in accordance

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they are entering the muscles. Having become lodged

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doubtless arose from the anastomosis in the orbital and

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cles being nearly in accordance with the order in which

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of the navy were formerly placed on board ship. Tlie

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surgical affection that demands our notice ; and it

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is not so with the medical man ; with a cessation of

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This plan, we considered, could be easily conducted,

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cayed, but one of the skulls was in a remarkable state

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it is, so much the more likely are we to have secondary

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rate of fee as the General Medical Council, witli the ap-

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convenient ; while Dr. Hassall's arrangement will be

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ment ? In all its futile deliberations concerning the

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Brooks, Richard B., Esq!, formerly of Chelmsford, at Madeira, aged

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Charles Hastings is one of this body ; and if he will

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from hemiplegia ; the result being that on the sound

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