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bers of the Sutiblk district, and the requests were accompanied by a sugges-

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Elixir of Viburnum PrunifoUurn (^Black Haw'). Eacli fluid drachm

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case and showed the specimen. The patient, a woman, was admitted to the City

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joining room. Soon the doctor appeared, precise and prim. " Good morning,

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night and morning with ethereal tincture of iodine. Every other night a

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great advantage to the patients as well as increased experience for the physi-

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were seen on the epiglottis, which was oedematous, and, in the ex-

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simple word, " stimulation." I am not aware that there is any evidence

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four grammes of the latter to one hundred cub. cent, of the former.

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the same time the physician in attendance took his regular meals, and a

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role of the zoosperm in fecundation. Dr. II. Fol. (6.) Physiological antago-

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number of The New York Medical Record, Dr. Osier, in a note to the

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has only a tablespoonful of clear residual urine, if the diagnosis is pos-

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*Read at a meeting of the Maryland Clinical Society, February 2nd, 1894.

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to inflict a false passage, and one or the other will often penetrate

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1877.] Proi/rcsa in (he Treatment of Children's Uiseases. 1,00

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dollars less than that sum. Undoubtedly if this work is undertaken soon, as there

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and other symptoms, has no uniform relation with the pulmonary affection.

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have them always at hand, so that the student may have the advantage of

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fessor Abelin has employed for sucklings as well as for older chil-

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generally yield readily, and if the fistula be complete, very little difficulty will

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tralgia, Taylor says, is as important in forming the diagnosis as pain at the

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and hastened death away from home and friends instead of the hoped-for re-

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the case would expect. We had supposed that the point of infection was

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volatility and adhesion, says : " The greater convenience and correct-

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It is reasonable, therefor(% I thiids, to suppose that the growth in-

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wheel. The blow was followed by an inflammation of an acute charac-

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although syphilitic, caused merely a local lesion, being too large to enter the

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hot water being added if required to warm the quantity poured out for use.

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discriminate bathing in typhoid fever is often extremely injurious. The best

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of their jx^tiological conditions, the coincidence of their epidemic out-

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