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of the periodical congestion of the pelvic organs, they were most likely to come

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casions, in five and three minim doses, for obstinate eczema of the hand.

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This presented the characters claimed for the streptococcus pyogenes. Two

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credit the oflfort to brini^ about a reform, it is unfortunate tliat you adopted a

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George Keith and Matthews Duncan), sat down to their somewhat hazardous

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Rectum, Malignant Disease of, Plea for Earlier Colotomy 293

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of hematemesis. The vein which had bled was recognized at the autopsy.

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large amounts of sugar and acetone, but in which, as in the course of

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to the extremities, and one ei<j;hth of atrrain of morphine was f^iven sub-

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control, While coming out of the ether patient tore off the dressing, which

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t|ie natioQs pf tlie wor^d, whatsoever different no*

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has probably diminished with the gradual softening of the rigors of

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time, and a I'nlJ inspiration always excited coii^h. Jlepeated examina-

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to make exit ventral to the posterior horn, while those of the cervical

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diminishing instead of enlarging during inspiration. Sidlo reports one case in

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the man died, and at the autopsy was found a tubercular meningitis.

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unproved, and certainly not a common cause of gastric ulcer.

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impossible to get a clean wound. It was carefully washed with boiled

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which, I need hardly say, has been utterly disappointed. The paper we have

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the greatest facility. The rapid recovery in a few days, with disappear-

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compresses were applied to the region of the wound, and absolute rest was

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layer consists chiefly of the urate of ammonium and carbonate of cal-

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curtains down ; sufficient bromide of potassium to keep her quiet ; to

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Again, the detection of the pathogenic bacteria is often of great impor-

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ing convalescence from scarlet fever was generally true diphtheria. In 4

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as peritonitis, as an individual disease, was not recognized until the beginning

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transmit to the vagus its motor fibres, has in reality no medullary origin,

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so long as they are present a fresh inoculation may occur at any time.

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caused by the rolling of the vessel. This preparation was already known to

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(4) "On Placenta Previa" — J. Algernon Temple, Toronto; A. McKay,

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oaks and sycamores being intermixed. In places where the land is rolling

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the entire duty of excreting urea on the kidneys, was the best line of treat-

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