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Death was the result of haemorrhage into the abdomen from a rupture of
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(ii) Spinal caries is responsible for no mean proportion of the cases ;
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sixteen pints, and a fortnight later fourteen pints. The solid mass, which is
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a dislocation backwards of the ulna and radius, the result of a fall in wrest-
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In the early stage of a meningitis, if death have resulted before the
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acconnt of incidents thron^^h which he had j)asse(l, all in a discoiniected,
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detained in hospital for alcoholic excess, he found amblyopia in 6 per cent,
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is the most noble and most steadfast characteristic of womanhood. Words
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stances the spine usually presents a large kyphotic curve.
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At the end of forty-eight hours she was worse, being scarcely able to sepa-
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and a tampon of cotton-wool soaked in the same was left in the vaj^ina. . The
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character scattered over the surface of the parietal pleura, posterior
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aetiology of typhoid fever. Dr. Bouchard. (2.) Resume of observations and
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On the Sth of JMay she was put upon quinia, two grains three times a day, and
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in January, 1875, an account was given of the experiments wdiich led
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A more ornamental architecture may have been devised, and, it may
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A few days later the chemosis w^as less, the retinal veins less swollen,
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and Assistant Surgeon United States Army. (From the War Department, Surgeon-Gen-
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364 Proceedings of Norfolk District Medical Society. [September 27,
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which there is a reasonable probability that compression-paraplegia is due
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I think any one who has seen or done the operation by both methods
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same dinuMisions as reported last year, and the action of the joint per-
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lain. <^ Let's have sueh a one, for « lie sings a
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shriveled np^ with wrinkks, the shoulders stodp>
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