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work, and was now in an infirmary. He thought that craniotomy or
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^iMA y - amon S. the first to consolidate its local student medical society with
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Hospital September 17th. She was very dull, and beyond the fact that she
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answer to this wholesale skepticism of the work of other surgeons, Buckston
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from acetic acid, nor ether from chloroform. This vsense did not return.
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Perles is inclined to regard these as living organisms, presumably pro-
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two years ago, and since that time additions have been made to the col-
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probably leive the spinal cord, in man, at the following levels, indicated
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Anatomy and Clinical Surgery, Bellevue Hospital Medical College, New York
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quently under thirty years of age, as shown by the following figures : Under
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Lausanne. (4.) Galvano-cautery, Dr. Juillard, Geneva. Communications
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from the blood in the branches of the pulmonary artery ; the removal of the
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of ovariotomy. This case was successful. He next undertook the re-
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ening in consequence of embolism of the coronary arteries, suppurative
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Hospital; Surgeon to the Hospital for Sick Children.
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through the perineal route, any surgeon who once explores the bladder
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Trional, or dicthylsulphomethylethylmethane, has been used for
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productive of a rare form of alternate hemiplegia ; the tongue being
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with the pathological facts in this disease indicates that the nucleus
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— In an article in the Practitioner for April, 1877, on the Use of Weak
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If these means fail, and deglutition is impossible, inject (hypodermic-
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remedy only a very wise political economist can tell. Such sad facts show
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These utterances attracted very little attention, and my example was
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intestinal nodes. The reason seems clear ; the bacilli invading the follicle
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treatment of such cases, but experienced most prompt and complete relief
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Plan for the Legal Control of the Disease. By L. Duncan Bulkley, A.M.,
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abdominal wall, as a security against urinary extravasation into the retro-
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have hitherto overlooked the phenomenon of inhibition. The phenomena
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erable traction, a medium-sized male child was delivered. The child was

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