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{(l) Trauma may lead to compression in one or other of the follow-

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ina of the fatal case, but there was evidently no fatty degeneration.

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introduced under the umbilical scar, one from above downwards and the

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Both trials were followed by premonitory symptoms of an attack,

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but it was so excessively adhesive that it was very difficult to handle, and

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arrangement of the book is admirable. We think that Dr. Lewers would do


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their urine became strongly alkaline, and spontaneously gave off carbon

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(c) apparently normal, 3 ; (d) loose and offensive, but not typical of any-

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blood was of a dark, muddy, chocolate color, so well described by

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and to give as much of it, together with nutritious liquid food, as she

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The subject of the loose manner of licensing graduates was discussed at

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the solution. Application, by the same means, of two per cent, solution

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drachm or more repeated every one or two hours. It had been employed also

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was concerned. One died of pericarditis three years after the disappearance

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cover, without undergoing fermentation. In these experiments, although he

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treatment a prolonged trial, even if improvement do not appear, rather

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" So far as the great ends of distinct separation and fitting chissification were concerned, the

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manufacturer and consumer, Dr. Guillaume, Neuchatel. (2.) How epidemics

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cold-sluicing bath, over the head and shoulders, thus affecting the heart's ac-

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child was withdrawn by continued traction. In the extraction of the arm the

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sible to describe in detail the individual plates, but the reader will recog-

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experience, more frequently in males than in females. Mr. Hutchinson

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der that those who had seen it thought the knee out of joint. The bone was

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To these we may add the two cases upon which I operated in the New

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ence throughout the various stages of an effusion indicates the absence of

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passed high up could be swept quite around the cul-de-sac, and the di-

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the legend of the Danaides, who spent their energies in pouring water

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case nor when tlie wound is made from the anterior chamber outward,

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ridor are doors by which each room is completely separated from the

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