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Again, the nurse is able to do thoroughly what a busy ward-tender, with

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During a residence of eighteen months in the Woman's Hospital of

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think or if we have been taught that mercury is of avail in iritis, we

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more rapid during sleep. The patient was restless and very nervous ; her

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fected through the winter, at times appearing " not to know what he

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tificate of death from apoplexy and cerebral disease. Why he specified apo-

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wards. Signs of a cavity appeared in the left lung, and the patient

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aerrey &r mueilage^ into sueli a etasisicnee fliai

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pregnancy. The first had been normal, the second ended by spon-

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Cansation. — (i.) Extra-menivgeal hcemoiThnge. — This is the most

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reliable remedy, yet I think that, in suitable cases, its beneficial effects are

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formed his first ovariotomy another gentleman began to practise ovariotomy

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The following is the provisional programme of the fourteenth annual meet-

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vision and that of the persons around her. On entering a room it takes

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we fear are for the most part of little practical value. Heubner gives an in-

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paper on Hygiene in the Prevention ot Insanity. 19. Siatenieiit and Discussion on the San-

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same originality of mind, or the same power of generalization by induction^

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Bell thought it was carried too far. Of late the opinion has been gain-

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(b) The posterior vago-glossopharyngeal nvcleus is the end-nucleus of some

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Dr. Bob s, and with a diffuse coarse tremor we began the third year clinical clerkship The

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tical courses should be established in the specialties and also in embryology as

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usually due to oedema of the lungs consequent on defective action of the re-

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seventh or eighth ribs, two or three inches from the spine, there existed

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(iii.) Infra-nuclear parali/ds. — There are three situations where the hypo-

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