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tion by Nothnagel on the intra-cranial circulation, a clear, concise summary of

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lead intoxication, colic, the presence of the blue line along the gums, and

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directly the os has dilated till it can admit two fingers. Every practitioner

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summary of the latest views is not unlikely to be useful.

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the case of version resorted to after an unsuccessful craniotomy, the risk of

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emerti-es at a corresponding point of the skin on the right buttock.

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uterine relaxation, offer an analogous condition, and it is unreasonable

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1835 ; volume iii. in 1837 ; volume iv. in 1840 ; volume v. in 1842 ; volume


and that caused by interruption of a channel of connection with the

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unless recovery should be brought about, will before long be followed by

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the cranial cavity, the clinical manifestations of the spinal condition may

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Let any one, therefore, who wishes the advantages of a hospital, dispensary,

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from the intestines, it was supposed to have discharged its contents into

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measuring one and three fourtiis inches by one inch and a quarter. The

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exam|)les, can possibly signify some past inflammatory condition of these


were then called for ; only a few minutes, however, were allowed to each

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Montreal. 1877. (From the Transactions of the Canada Medical Association.)

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and, secondly, in the substitution of gravimetric methods for the sys-

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Most extraordinary results have followed this treatment in the hands

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began to complain of sharp shooting pains through the lower pai't of the

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fraudulent adulteration. One, called the Rom6i process, which is suffi-

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flath : this is notably the case in hsemorrhagic small-pox ; so again in

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Dr. Bradford mentioned that a peculiar grunting respiration was very

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but otherwise the organisms lie free outside the cells, and in the tissues :

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