Hajar Jahanam Cirebon

thing as an iron-barred window in the house. The visitor can be conducted

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" ventilates " his views on hydrophobia. Will you kindly allow me to make a

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copies histories, takes temperatures, etc. The house surgeon is allowed to

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which in the absence of any such procedure must surely have gone to

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garet Brown, Chairman; Barbara Wall, Senior Representative; Miss Baise, Advisor.

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characteristic is the fluid that he claims that a mere examination of it is

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could bo calculated on a duodecimal instead of a decimal basis, the use of in-

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five years, and that the patient had never menstruated. Accordingly, it

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pictures illustrative of the relative positions of the true and the false images

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of the olfactory bulbs. In cases where the anosmia remained there may have

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the case of gastralgia, one hour before the time for the habitual attack of

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dilated fully. An interval of rest followed, but at the end of another

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tempt the impracticable feat of excluding the air from the wound, but

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in the opening. A portion of the ulnar nerve, about two inches in

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healthy granulations, and epithelium has commenced to form on it. If,

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injection of castor oil or turpentine. In extensive lesions of the sacral

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is of primary importance. Not only is the onset sudden, but the

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In the recumbent position the pulse at the wrist was 80, having risen from 70

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complain of pain since receiving a blow in that region nine months be-

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