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tuted. During this time she gained gradually, but remained pale and anaemic,
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lowed by serious consequences. After thus examining the cervix I carried
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and digging away the fi^ces with a small piece of sharpened wood. In the
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macroc-lieilia, macromelia, hygroma of the neck, etc., are incliuled
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from the use of staining fluids which color the dead but not the living
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At the autopsy no abdominal organ showed structural disease, unless
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physicians. If, then, it should appear likely to prove impracticable to
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English in his sympathies, was led to think that probably there was some-
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Opiatine " contains only salts of morphia and codeia in unvarying
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20. << She stretcheth out her hand to the poor :
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tains, from 10,000 to 14,000 feet above the sea, bound the tableland on
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On dividing the skin over the inguinal tumor, what seemed like a her-
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(o.) This solution is to he orderc^d to infants under three years at half a
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the intestinal coils to the necessary depth. Irrigation is certainly not
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mg being great. Convalescence took place at about the ninth day.
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innumerable suggestions as to the management of this accident, yet I will
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patient in a senii-coniatose condition, having had previously two severe ura-mic
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good an appearanee ; and they Q|>enly envy those
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were not limited to particular portions of the vagina, although perhaps
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1877.] TJie Boston Societi/ for Medical Observation. 49
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acquainted. The only sure means of escape are timely rest — aud it should
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to himself. The seventh sons are supposed to have a variety of other powers
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Another case was in a primipara at the sixth month of pregnancy. She
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the animal economy, whether in blood formation, proteid metabolism, or
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under the most accomplished talent, even when the introduction of Cochituate
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flicting, but on the whole, if the local irritation is not too severe, cases
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always caused hemorrhage. The urine constantly showed the presence of
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It is unnecessary for me to go into details of wliat may cause obstruc-
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readily subdivided into three divisions : the anterior, middle, and posterior
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Mr. HaAvksley of 357 Oxford Street. I need hardly add that it is
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evenly distributed over the sides and vault of the head. In no place
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him to a reappointment. This coming spring the term of three years for
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' excision of a piece of rib, if it be found that the lymph is more readily got
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It is unusual for syphilitic affections of the nervous system to be
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to the fundus as to leave the practitioner in doubt as to his diagnosis even

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