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When the patient was well etherized, I made an exploratory incision

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veritable marsh. The tree possesses this property in its highest degree during

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disposed to regard the chief difference as dependent on the feebler

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•ly features are yet more so. But as the greatest

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No apparent shock followed the operation. The pulse remained of

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Annual of the Universal Medical Sciences. Edited by Charles E.

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Dr. Ileitzmann was opposed to all theory, and held that the microscope

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trimming is continued for an inch and a half up the posterior wall of

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ment of an ancesthetic. With us, in Boston, the use of ether at extrac-

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(c) Aneurysm. — A very dangerous cause of paraplegia from compres-

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Ahout the same time, however, he became the victim of severe dys-

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years of which he suffered more or less continuously from fever and

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cess both in breadth and height of column in middle life ; in old age the col-

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from reports from the various districts. Connecticut held its eighty-sixth an-

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hairs. It may also be mechanical, as the erector pili muscle is inserted at

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duced secretion would be more intense than in healthy animals. After

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volving the tissues for a relatively great distance from the region of

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intra-uterine douches. In employing the douche, especially during puer-

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idly diminishing. The medicine was discontinued until the 14th, when it was

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(2) That this congress respectfully ask state and loo4l boards of health

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D\. HiciiAUDSON said that the cranioclast, whose blades both curve in the

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t</h)ublc* its n(Hin;iI .unount by irritation ol th(! sphni<'hnie nerves of ji,

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But it can be said that the society has at no previous meeting listened to the

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Tulles, of Claremoiit, Ilersey and Adams, of IMaiichester, Cogswell, of Warner,

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in thoroughly emptying the bladder the woman should get on her hands

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the English non-restraint syetem is being tried at Haml>urg, Halle, Gottingen,

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on in the hottest part of the year, July and August: in none of them

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of their kind. The action of the drug on animals and on man, the effect of a

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vious history. Since her death it has been found that she had led the

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