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the wheel which was revolving rapidly and received a compound com

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urine. His urinar output increased considerably and he was

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which hot water applications pressure and deep sutures at a

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glands there were enlarged and indurated. They were

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circumstemces which favour the entrance of air into these veins which are

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over the fact that such fractures commonly get well without stiffness

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people. Lice cause it not unfrequently. Papulge attencl it more

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gunshot wounds so enormously exceeds the stab perforations in an

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materials and hence they have acquired the name of fatty or oily

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correct these defects that is. to make proper use of he dietitian

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paralleled Physitian and Chirurgian shewing the true Use

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August. As a general rule lectures at this institution are not

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the swelling by promoting absorption of the inflammatory exudate and

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should include sigmoidoscopy appropriate bacteriologic studies and

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finally they die from some intercurrent disease as broncho

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high as per cent. The ratio of alumina x l actually present

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Treatment This is largely hygienic a fact that must be strongly

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prove what the effect of the ray is. The effect of radiation

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is their relationship to osteoblasts is still a moot point. Some regard

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Surgeons Medical Department Columbia University New

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In military communities the sick list has an imper

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unclean mouths full of carious teeth. Spirillum sputugenum has nevfer

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prominent symptoms are initial hematuria frequent and pain

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ache at times but no unfavourable symptom of any kind.

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elbows and knees. At the same time the hair of the head

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bradycardia and greater than first degree block bronchial asthma congestive heart

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the idea of either eliminating the mercury from the system or

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ger to such policemen and firemen themselves is far

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Chairman of that Committee as to the scope of the plan.

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are exceedingly slow to inflame. When they do the inflammation

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ing was apparently called by the dean of the institution

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injured during the manipulations of tapping the doc

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ters to underrate and make light of the prevailing epi

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The Wassermann test on the blood serum was negative.

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that much gastric juice was secreted and on the other

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But once again the spirit of our honoured ancestry seems to

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act of sorcery he would see that she was released after some slight

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specialty differs largely from the methods practiced by

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tions originating apparently in indifferent causes either are uiherently

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ative of carcinoma. It is also he thinks so much more complicated

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rectum and bladder and pelvic viscera generally G uersant Trous

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three days with her lungs full I think as a result of

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Firm pressure causes them to disappear and they fade after

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behind the first bone of the sternum. The trachea continues down

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