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The report of the Council, J. W. Thompson, M.D., St.
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with that of the mother. Thorough clinical and long
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until the supply can meet it, and as long as conditions in business are
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Exhibit A presents the asset and liability accoimts of the
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The average cost of meat inspection was then 5 cents for cattle, 2
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means of approach to an otherwise impossible diagnosis, and the sug-
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Wli.'M ..Illy a l>ail ..r til.' i.ilnil.iiy is iviiliv.'.
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measures such as the substitution of less toxic ma-
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and water. Alcohol is also a very good preservative and more eco-
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months of October and November, 1906, shippers who are in possession of sweet pickled,
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Secretary may use so much of the sum appropriated as he deems necessary for promoting
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preparation of sausages, chopped meats, or similar meat-food products. Meats or meat-
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quantity shipped between establishments after inspection, fiscal year
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1 ar' ■■! it 1 .i--ii'i; '■•■ 1'.' !■ ".!»■ ■ il
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very warm weather, after wrapping the head, it should be placed in a
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and acetic acid. The sweetish odor of the mixture when it is neutral,
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“3. The program will be in effect in all areas of the
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time in the near future, perhaps Kansas City and St.
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duct just proximal to Vater’s papilla was described
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had been used as stains. If we disregard this small amount of fat in
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ll.a! alM.iit (Id p.',- ,.,•111 of i.i.i«'<-tr(l li.viK.x;uitl.iii(>, HO ,.,.,■ c'lit of xai
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by the products of their own growth, or by passage through animals
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of patients ill with pneumonia. Although the number of these experi-
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dues as follows: The committee suggests the House of
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Pulaski County Medical Society; aged 74; died Novem-
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Fig. G. Tubercle bacilli from culture 15, avian, after passage through a series of
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which is practically the same as the amount computed from the
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esced into larger clumps of affected tissue. The entire chain of mediastinal
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unt that a ureal part of the uork done l,y clinical ol.servers i.urportinsr to

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