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pressure as such considerable losses must entail can be altogether unac-

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base of the right iliac fossa, is from six to eight centimetres in length

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mode of procedure has been invariably followed by the most excellent results.

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cavity, except the thick mucilaginous variety of the ovarian fluid which can

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the urine, " when each drop as it passes through the urine is followed by an

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report, and giving adhesions and effusion of such a character as to form

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into the cavity of the pelvis ; the right hand was used to press on the

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the vagina, the peculiarities of which led me to suspect an occluded

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visable to try to disinfect the premises, and possibly to expel the con-

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spread over the palate and uvula, and at the time of Kunne's report the

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desirable to change the representative at the present time, and that we,

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eventually communicate with the physiological spaces. It is also

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immediate relief occasioned by the complete evacuation of the bladder

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mean time the fluid was withdrawn three times, and each time about the same

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pounded according to the following formula, in the same dose, and for the same

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mination of the disease, and something which might be frequently observed.

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If the iris were not so intimately connected with the ciliary body,

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pronounced to be such, this confirmation would make the case a great

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this must be considered a remarkable result. This charity is one which is not

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his life and death is in itself a study of value to others.

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shooting. At present he has slight pains at times in the back and in the

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