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superior olivary bodies stand in close relation to the cochlear fibres of

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The pathogenic bacterium most frequently found in the colon is the

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had ceased. Before the shock was complete I probed the wound ; the

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physiotomy. The most of the other members who spoke expressed the

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corresponds to that of the haemorrhage, and, as the cervical region

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should be borne in mind as in like atfections of the other cranial

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was'made by the municipal authorities to comply with the advice of the

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give even a brief summary of the valuable communications upon this

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was made upon the law-makers that the majority of the committee on the ju-

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this indication of much of the value it would otherwise have.

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Case IV. is in some respects similar to the last. A young unmar-

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eczematous inflammation of the genitals, and later of the thighs and

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the cord, and in the gray matter, the two latter including the inter-

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of no consequence. All nervous centres, from highest to lowest, are made up

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medical art. For the recent practical application of bacteriology to the

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Ovariotomy; Recovery. — Mrs. Mary A. K., fifty years of age,

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Origin^ The origin of the septicemia was in both cases involved in

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author and the journal and date from which it is taken. It is really a boon to

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heavy, and owing to the continuous engorgement of the organ the condition has

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have no doubt is a subject of mirth and derision to ten students for every one

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discipline, in a sort of physical training that would seem at first unavoidably

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practice to support them for the rest of the year. Such intelligent apprecia-

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destroyed in one year by wild animals and venomous snakes ; that 22,357 wild

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will long be remembered. In euily life he connected himself with the I'rotestant Episcopal

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of extensive caries of bodies of vertebra) without curvature or prominence of

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in which the first branchial fissure is closed while the inferior maxillary

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