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thickened, the urine showed an unhealthy condition, there was a large body of

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The Administration of Sodium Salicylate in Acute Rheumatism.

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Y>\i. Ellis said, in regard to the possibility of the disease being ingrafted

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upon keepino; the trachea clear, and in this particular instance tins meant

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or six years, was almost instantly relieved by bismuth subgallate ; the flatu-

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Benton was wanting to tell us that her end of the hall was not a student lounge, but we hear

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be met with in individuals affected by a lesion of the nervous system presiding

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cision at about its middle ; the tissues are thus protected from the sharp edge

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The National Dispensatory, containing the natural history, chemistry,

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than three eighths of the circle, I then endeavored to accomplish a rota-

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ments. John Ware, in his admirable monograph on Membranous Croup,

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the wrists have become much swollen before paralysis of the extensors.

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his wife of a sense of weight at his stomach, vomiting of blood set in, and

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towards the left side, is seen the descending aorta, and lying between this

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of the uterus, the cervix was large and very hard, os patulous, cervical canal

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shown ; the same cavity, described here as elsewhere as the first bran-

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(ii.) Xudcar jwrali/sis. — In chronic nuclear degeneration the muscles

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sure they tend to become cold they should be covered up. The wretched-


the quackery of Paracelsus. If any one is interested in such matters, let him

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into battle, and with that sentry who, overwhelmed with ashes from Vesu-

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condition of my patient, the state of the parts in which the operation

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Spindle-Cell Sarcoma of the Choroid. — Dr. Wadsworth showed two tu-

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formed ovariotomy with fatal results to the patient, which he thought

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written on the subject, or who have attempted to carry on the treat-

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two inches in its longest measure, and half an inch in diameter. Re-

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makes the following remarks regarding this subject :

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professorship until 1853, when he was appointed superintendent of the

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week. The stiff bandage should be kept on for a month or six weeks,

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the parts mentioned. Ordinary hospital patients, with low intelligence,

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