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Bulloch's series of 150 cases, ^j were within the limits, and,
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pillae which have more especially suffered from the atrophy can only
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and intermittent, and, still oftener, dysentery and intermittent (see
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When death occurs during the stage of reaction, or so-called cholera
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of dilute soda solution, a little pancreatin, and a crystal of
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Occasionally a relapse interrupts convalescence, and runs a course
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of the secondary manifestations themselves, varies greatly in different
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which Metchnikoff discourses on the Comparative Pathology
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stroy the ulcer by caustics. For this purpose, it is best to make use
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ralgia. Some cases that have been treated without result by the
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the nervous system, it has no irritant effect on the gastric and intes-

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