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as 10 pounds in hot weather, but during July and August her
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for routine analyses, as well as for standardizing other
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He was thrice married : in 1840, to Miss Julia Fuller, of Hampton, Conn., who lived
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toms following preseasonal treatment with apple pollen extract.
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more marked on the right side. It is interesting to note that
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cystitis and occasionally severe ischuria. At times he has been
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from South America. The Mediterranean type chiefly affects chil-
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a. The preparation of museum specimens must be left largely
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cession in the path of the light beam and measuring the
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meningitis, pseudotuberclosis, madura foot, etc., the latter often
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These definitions have not only been ridiculed, but they led to
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lead, pure sulphate of copper, strong tincture of opium, and other
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against the vessel wall, where they are inclined to adhere on account of
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a stronger or a weaker color is needed. Then add about
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entire thickness of the skin, into the cellular tissue, the subcutaneous tissue,
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Quite early the inspiratory sound is accompanied by comparatively fine
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Discussionof Case Il.-In this case we can watch the de^^^el

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