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observation two years ago, strikingly illustrated the point in question. A

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this would probably be more evident if the patient were not left-

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the same names as ours are used, but they have different values ; more-

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side of the uterus, and either broke through the peritoneum by reason of

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lad was able to reply intelligently. Vomiting quickly came on, and in

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O.iV to :Z") than tliat used by Ostroumoff, which perhaps accounted for

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tains very little, if any, hydrochloric acid. The urine is often alkaline,

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twins, iu whicli the first child presented with a foot and was delivered by trac-

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tients died, giving a mortality of 13.37 per cent. Out of one hundred

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It is with pleasure that we announce another edition of this useful book.

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for this purpose. M. Dumas ^ having shown that borax has in a marked

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H^s had a very comfortable day. This is the first day he has had much

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relief to respiration immediately after their introduction.

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different weights and measures, but different methods of handling

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holds that miliary tubercles spring from the tunica adventitia of the blood

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had seen the patient at two different times, having had charge of her for ten

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inner table to its greater brittleness ; some to the direction of the force

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marchins: and runninc:. We find, however, that this drill continues onlv fif-

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They had endoscopes, but their instruments were cumbersome and costly,,

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enough. All have expressed themselves as pleased with the country and

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salt in a test-tube a little of the alkaline copper solution, just enough to

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noea was slight, but it was not thought safe to defer tapping on that account,

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side. The same stimulation applied to the anterior roots of the same

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author has never found in acute perforating ulcer any signs of primary

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the subject ; and are pleased to note that its members do not simply pro-

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still there are so many other factors impossible to determine, which have

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the causes which may in any way affect the health of the people of Lynn, as

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Lane observes " that the conditions found at the operation appeared, in

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bladder. By night urination occurs at shorter intervals, and interrupts

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tered state of the blood acting as an additional cause, and both being

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neighborhood. One week before the time appointed for the operation

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the difficulties of the present bandage. The semi-exhausted woman,

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been made during the year is detailed. In Anatomy and Physiology the

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III. Tumours of the spinal meninges. — Xo detailed description

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their final close (ending). Strangely enough, none of the investigators

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