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dermic injection of one-quarter of a grain of morphia was given. She then

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encysting it within. The natural and likely conclusion is that the dis-

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ville, Ky., an eminent specialist in this line. The diseases of the rectum have

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recently put tlio department on an independent footing, so that, unlike many

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one of uterine haemorrhage from carcinoma uteri, two of metrorrhagia

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opinion obtains that it is in some instances a necessary and salutary means of

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pan, transversely. I found the two fragments of the bone separated about

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not have an unpleasant taste, rubbed up with sugar it will be readily taken

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January 12tli. The parts were greatly swollen and painful. Tlio

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allowed to sit up. Nothing important occurred afterward ; there was

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edged that the surgery of to-day has nothing to offer in the way of relief.

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McLean is not (juit(» haj)|)y. However this may be, us the McLean

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more deeply into the tissues than that of a blister or liniment. Its value in

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best and latest authority, together with the opinions held long ago.

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Uterus enlarged, projecting slightly from brim of pelvis, its walls exceedingly

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Lecturer on Orthopedics and on Surgical Anatomy in the Woman's Medical College, and

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otomy ; recovery, 411 ; paralysis following, compli-

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muscles of the limbs ; they do occur, however, in some cases ; yet

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Society has offered a prize of two hundred dollars for the competition of mem-

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tried, but the kidneys ceased to secrete, the bowels would not answer to

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hills of the Coast Ringe, ten miles from the Pacific and one thousand feet

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modest and unassuming — especially the young, apart from the exhibition

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source naturals theanine serene uk

Syphilis is so common that whenever a patient with skin lesions

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shallow base, and indurated, sloping edges, with rather a tendency to

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heated by a fire beneath, and thus the air was warmed by heat radiated

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The consequence of these facts, as related to human pathology, are

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All writers seem agreed that the San Gabriel valley, and other similar

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breaks, and the fact that both forms are liable to occur as sequela; after

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(v. ) Cold is said to cause meningitis ; and instances have been re-

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