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Salicylate of soda, an'antiseptic and cholagogue, ought to be prescribed
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seems to be a complete connection all the way round between the sides of this
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complete loss of smell ; in the other the forehead was the part struck,
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Trommer^s Extract of Malt is used as a very efficient adjuvant to
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but the converse holds good for the treatment of forms of headache asso-
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power of resistance that it is surprising hoAv little change they may show,
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Mortality of mothers 3 in 427, or -^-q of 1 per cent., of which 1 was
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other hand, they frequently invaded the tongue. The lips also were lia-
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September 10th. Testicles granulating well ; discharge moderate and healthy
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hypersemia manifests itself clinically, and by the supposition that the
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the larynx was free from disease when first observed ; afterwards oedema
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whisper. At the morning visit he was not at all distressed for breath,
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and fingers could be counted upward. The improvement did not last ;
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(2.) The so-called m. contagiosum of Bateman and the (pock-like)
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the liver were sent to Dr. R. H. Fitz, of Boston, for microscopic examination.
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where the sister soon died. But the brother's health improved with his out-
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These attacks of violent pain in the abdomen, with fainting, great pal-
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moved to either wing or retained in the oentre house. Small buildings
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the analogy existing between this soluble ferment secreted by urinary
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those about him as " formed by the omentum folded (ramasse) upon itself and
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more or less for four hours, and at the end of that time the membranes
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spleen are shown. The stomach is almost empty, and therefore appears
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In regard to cases belonging to my third class, as is very well known
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innumerable suggestions as to the management of this accident, yet I will
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early, but to reserve it rather for the later stages in the course of treat-
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she has been subject to diarrhoea, especially in the summer months, and
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advantage not only in the education of the student, but also in the suc-
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Ctitc^ory of" diseiisc, were mostly of devtilopnicnt, fuw arqulrcd, and
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ventricles ; the vessels were stated to have been greatly congested. There
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the condition of the patient's brain he gave a grain of morphine, which he fol-
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first patient was discharged in five weeks, wearing a bandage. The second
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opposite side on the question at issue. lie docs not present anything new,

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