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child was born. As a result of these complications she had very extensive
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tory to extraction. The old arguments for the instillation of atropine be-
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mal temperature and entrance on convalescence on the twelfth day.
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ration. The pus has a specific gravity of 1041, while that in cases of
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ranks with the procedure of evacuating a large abscess. In the second
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atory centres, the reflex centres, and those in which the processes
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Her days of the war between the association and the council, many of the
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We extract the following from an article which appeared in the British
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and movements to and fro and laterally were not associated v;ith any very
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in each collegiate year. Five years later the same authorities, in order to
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by agonizing pains resembling those of abortion. From this time until
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summary, which formed a leading article in the Lancet for July 22 nd, 1893,
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retained it up to the present time. As proprietors of The Canadian
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space to enumerate the various theories, all wrong and most of them laugha-
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is more severe than any which has occurred during the experience of
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directed by the voice instead of by the touch of the operator, thereby
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heart, previously felt outside the right nipple, was now perceived close to the
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edition. New York : The Industrial Publication Company. 1877.
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The girl was able to notice the fact that the pain and soreness always increased
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fession in keeping the number of practitioners within reasonable bounds.
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pel him to oiler his resignation, which was immediately accepted, the otiice of
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an elaborate report of her condition, from which the following particulars are
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In extreme cases an operation is certainly advisable.
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cranial mischief ; the amount of damage already done to the nerve
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His re})utation as a practitioner was deservedly very high, and his patients
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Case II. P^red Q., aged eleven years, while running behind a
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(2.) Atheromatous degeneration of arteries (without gall-stones) is ob-
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a case of iritis, whether syphilitic or arthritic, runs its own course inde-
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stretched over it. There was no ulceration or invagination of the mu-
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whether they formed the septic matter, or carried it, or were simply
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