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Messus. Edituuj^. — The subject of fractured patella has come somewhat

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On the Physiology of Sugar in Relation to the Blood. By F. W. Pavy, M. D., F. R. S.

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other organ, and is thus a possible source of infection, or Avhere an

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in p(jsition and in function as the soft palate, the vocal cords, the pharynx

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conld be detecttMl diiiliiij; uterine contractions until after tlie waters had

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THE Defence Association has had a good deal to say about the so-

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Dr. W. P. Worster, in the Journal of Cutaneous and Genito- Urinary

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towards the deaf ear, if this is due to the conducting apparatus, and

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Dr. Davenport closed his report with the remark that a book was about to

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only obli»;t'cl to tohow the fundus and push it into place, but to remain

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But when I was filling out the death certificate, and came to " Reli-

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diseases of the eye. But it is not to be expected that we should always

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vertebral nature. It would be very interesting to trace the history of the study

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abortion had been attempted. Her story w^as that three days before

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in the statements, the mistake being in the description of the bone.

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to lessen as mueh as possible the iiiflainination and catarrh resulting

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situated that they may be suitably accommodated. They will also an-

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The president, in opening the proceedings, congratulated the association on

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her some time to search it in every direction to see what things or people

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patients only seven died, all of whom were under two years of age, and five

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important influence in preventing climatic extremes. They at once pro-

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be either parallel or eciually convergent, but this ideal is frequently

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impaired. Latterly the muscles of deglutition were paralyzed, and at her

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time. The sensation was perfect ; the knee-jerks present, perhaps a little

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are more than usually distinct and well defined, as in patients of a spare habit

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There is still another condition which follows upon this state of ever-

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forgotten the valuable results to be obtained by its employment in the

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had previously been compelled to pass all his urine by catheter, say, for a

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general nutrition and of the cerebral functions, are well known. Valuable

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