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tion or the value of the work which such a board could accomplish, — doubts

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the result of a number of untoward circumstances was that nearly an

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may correspond with mine, and that in a fair proportion of cases this

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spoken, this is the only clinic for venereal diseases in the city of Boston. The

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clotted and not large in amount ; it is derived from the plexus of veins

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of the sphincters, dnring the time that the meningeal symptoms are

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persons as may have acquired a special education in sanitary studies.

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of the medical department of the university and all other friends of higher

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*' the blues." There was also a sense of oppression at the epigastrium,

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tubercular deposit in tlie membranes of the brain, and on the confusion that a

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(4) Absence of after effects such as are common with chloroform.

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eral treatment. Their local influence in dry forms of eru|)tion is purely

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is retained in the cavity, and in milder cases the application of pyoktanin to

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board of governors of tlie New York Hospital. After spending a great

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hour, we found no material change from the examination made at midnight,

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may easily be misled into thinking a supply of breast milk sulHcient, if the

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meningeal hsemorrhage alone, and how much ought rather to be attributed

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cavity of the abscess entirely exposed by an incision about six inches in

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Incision into the common duct must always be attended with greater

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give proper attention to the objects of the hospital, and do away with the sal-

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may be due to division of the cord ; but, on the other hand, they may be

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was for a quarter of a century a member of the faculty of the University of

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a pulse of 70 per minute ; skin cool and pale ; complaining of headache

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of cocaine also answers this purpose very well. It is, however, but rarely

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ing the belief that, if pathologists would look for these ulcerated esopha-

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In the first place, tolerance of catheterization must be established. In

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at half past six, and was fearful that she would suffocate before I could

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wall of the urinary bladder. Considerable bruising of the tissues was

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filled with an attentive class (and this was in the days of turbulent students)

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Patient was strong and well until July, 1892, when he had a very

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thirty-seven children were born alive. Often he has been able to use

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238 Obaervatluns of Liister^ 8 Antiseptic Treatment. [August 30,

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wick writes that it is his " belief that many of the fatal results observed

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The operation for radical cure was then described. The first steps taken

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