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of the spray is the purification of the air passing into the wound, which

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of acetate of potash, with or without digitalis, in the very earliest stages

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The omentum was found adherent to the under surface of the liver, and

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earlier sym[)toms were not those of tubercular meningitis, but of disturbed

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ment of a number of cases of uterine hemorrhage with salipyrine. He has

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eral sense, though at a hnttible distance ; not a»


of arch. 4, The angle, at junction inous hammer, and only after its absorp-

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umns were narrower and lower. Probably the old per.>;ons at that time were

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the stone, and, finally, the complete though somewhat tardy closure of

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effects of high winds and of great diurnal variations, will be found not only

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satisfactory results, but this society labors under the manifest disadvantage of

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a board of trustees and the dignified title of university, but in reality con-

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I saw him at about 5.45 r. m., less than an hour after the accident.

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and a tampon of cotton-wool soaked in the same was left in the vaj^ina. . The

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mucous membrane, and would prevent the entrance of fluid into the

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of pain in the back. The knee-jerks are present, a little exaggerated ;

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other debris, and leave the result to nature. We may stitch up the dura,

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nate of calcium to eliminate an excess of lime that has been absorbed.

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in the place of Sir Andrew Clark, deceased. The vote was a very close one ;

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but the advantage is due to the difference in the dorsal region ; indeed,

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sions of more than usual interest, it is further proposed at this meeting to

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VII. Varicosity of the veins of the pia iniater. — This con-

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and when I arrived at the house he was in a good deal of distress.

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