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of the cord, has in some cases been treated fairly successfully by
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and the patient suffered no more than is usual after an ordinary delivery.
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side of the left leg. The pain increased rapidly, and in about one min-
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inhaled in high altitudes is generally cool, and that it is raised in temper-
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medical attendant to say that that apex was the first attacked. In a
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is a further factor which interferes with movement, more especially
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searches tend to establish the theory that caries is the result rather than
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fossa of the skull, necessitating opening of the dura mater, blood may
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the same period in my lectures at the Johns Hopkins Hospital.
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preventible mortality occurs mainly." This is so much a matter of necessity
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so-called "fibroid phthisis," even when tuberculous, these being referred
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trouble from the cord was experienced. The child was born at noon, in good
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habitual constipation ; and it may doubtless happen that straining at
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Notwithstanding this dilliculty of comparison, I think it cannot be denied
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provement in this respect within forty-eight hours, and she began to take food
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want that certainty and precision necessary to bring conviction in mat-
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ing with this disease of the right knee and left elbow. The affection of the
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and pigment granules may be found in the contents. In addition to
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placed on a Macintyre's splint, and extension applied in the usual way
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the residt of a former attack of acute meningitis, and those in which
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in use. We know of no group of symptoms indicative of congestion of
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844 Proceedings of the Ohntetrical Society of Boaton. [September 20,
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fever, pain in the left side, dyspncea, and palpitation below the r'lyht nipple,
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latter. The average of eleven measurements of each sex is as fol-
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organs. In the altered patches, the seminal tubules, in the majority of
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with some persistence of spastic paraplegia, wnth or without some dis-
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Manz exceptional, and due to the formation of white thrombi in the
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conformity with the American Text-Book of Surgery. By Nicholas Senn,
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from the margin of the os frontis to a point half an inch above the ear,
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