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governed solely by such siibtraction, but by a rearrangement, so to
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ilia. He stated that these were really the points of greatest pain. On
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porter of this abstract has used the preparation, the good effects of the
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^ The Obstetrical Journal of Great Britain and Ireland, from Januarj^ to April.
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typhlitis ; at least it is stated that in 1 1 cases out of the 20 the perforation
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are not in a state of inflammation or caseation. There is usually not great
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was on account of its peculiar sort of adhesiveness, and also with a view, through its very
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they died more often from marasmus or defective nutrition, but some-
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inner plate, also one or two some distance away, which were detected
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— 7Vie Practitioner for June, 1877, contains a paper by Dr. Debout d'Ks-
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while Wagenmann (12), more recently, has framed against the JJarbits
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iodine and mercury that nearly all these patients get — the syi)hilitic ones es-
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with ten-grain doses of salol every four hours. This, to use the language
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instance, a plaintiff" who had been in a railway accident, and who had
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the intestinal coils to the necessary depth. Irrigation is certainly not
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chilling by radiation after sunset, inasmuch as they have about them a
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dwell on the memory of such of them as we knew best were it not that we
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tiou showed that death had resulted from a fracture of the Vivttv. At the site
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performed or wlien tlie urine was boiled with Feldinor's solution,
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Dk. Drater said that the returns were obtained by an annual or semi-
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st'lves of a jilan to save at least a few of the victims by removing th(Mn to a
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always escapes embolism. Of one hundred and twelve autopsies on cases
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— The Medical Times and Gazette calls attention to a recent paper by M.
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established— the ' Executive Committee." It was the function of this body that withstood the
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when perell■^si()n was made over it it ^avo everywhere a loud, druiu-lik«; reso-
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able effects, which were, however, transitory in their nature : —
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them, be subnormal in degree, the correctness of the perimetric chart

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