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lucinations are extremely clear and distinct. For example, one of my

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Cabot nor Amerigo Vespucci would have had reason to complain.

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oedema certainly occurs most frequently in cold climates and is prob-

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coat was supple but much thickened. Infarcts were found in both

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aneurysmal dilatation of the right auricle from contraction of the

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of speech. Further, in the frontal and parietal association areas mul-

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As most of the cases of serum sickness occurred during convales-

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of this fluid in the lymphatics of the skin can only be explained by

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of Eraenkel, who had two distinct cases of angina among 250 patients

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that disproves this theory. This is the end-result of all of the obser-

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defibrinated blood. But the results in these cases are promising enough

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of all cases (eight) in which this was measured. The average increase

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time by mechanical or other stimulation. This movement also

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affected by aneurysm. Syphilis is also an undoubted cause of intra-

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plasma is placed and shaken for two minutes. One c.c. of this satu-

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as determined by the height of the column in the buret required to

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this the duct was patent and its lumen was occupied throughout its

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results. These results were evidenced by improvement in the patient's

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cases as possible were investigated, but their number is necessarily

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December 2 the iifth treatment relieved the pain, reduced the cell count to 50

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treatment was given, and the patient was able to see large objects which could

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the mid-axilla. In pleurodynia, which is probably an affection of the

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ulated in a thin layer or in several layers over the surface of the

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mind may alternate with fits of depression. Some are nearly always

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certain ''morbid mean," and any particular case of disease will naturally

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The question arises as to the amount of absorption after the cats

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sented abnormal transudations when the tunics of the arteries them-

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with in a preceding series of articles, 10 so a repetition scarcely seems

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