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faction has already occurred. If the boiled liquid be sealed, or the air

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of blood, and had been sent to the hospital under the impression that a portion

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prevent the free escape of pus, with the advice and assistance of Dr.

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nature of the disease, it is well known that in certain forms, at least, it is very

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lesion other than temporary congestion is present. In several of his own

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ment at least, which obtains, so far as I know, scarcely anywhere else. It

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instruments, such as the English gum catheter, or silver catheters of

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struction which they have a right to expect in such a treatise.

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ceived were two severe scalp wounds, one of which from its slowness

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woman of 48, had suffered from ascites. She had died in her first attack

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' . . . The treatment of such cases is not different from that of simple

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dilated, thus giving rise to cysts. When several adjoining pouches are

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nothiiiir but one mass of crass inaccuracies. I have reproduced the communi-

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the pelvic region. They were imbedded in cacao butter, which worked very

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from the sulphide of lead thus formed, after heating to expel the excess

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I must work with great caution. If any of the veins of the bulbs were cut

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the sputa. This is rolled in wads and placed in a paper bag, the whole

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Anatomy and Clinical Surgery, Bellevue Hospital Medical College, New York

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usual or unfavorable symptom. Dr. Boardman remarked that it is

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of the laceration had rolled out, and looked highly injected. There

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j^aper was divided into lengths, proportionate to the number of population liv-

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membranes ; and that the inflammatory changes in the cord may owe their

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with bronchial respiration and subcrepitant rales above the third rib. The

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absorbed blood, or it may even be perfectly natural. The cerebro-spinal

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biographical sketches, we can safely recommend Mr. Jacobson's account

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here or abroad; instead of" well-known historic facts " from which to

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