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the numbers of students, which are larger than those in any other medical

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when removed the next day, showed no indication of the occurrence of l)leeding.

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that acute perforating ulcer is single certainly points to a local cause.

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imply, from the above, that of every twenty-two patients with uterine disease

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but quotes from a number of excellent authorities to prove that humanized

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eight cases in all, three of which were fatal. The symptoms of the disease

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The non-occurrence of convulsions and other symptoms of cerebral

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Dr. Baker replied that the catanienia had been regular while the patient

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entered the fluid, examine with the microscope, and no bacteria will be

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not to mistake for it the fulness of vessels so commonly seen at necropsies,

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in contact with the skin of his right temple, opposite the position of the

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night has passed, when some other suitable remedy may be used. Dr.

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somewhat large doses of nitro-glycerin than to resort to injections of mor-

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were not limited to particular portions of the vagina, although perhaps

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and penetrating. Shreds of lung tissue are evident to the naked eye,

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The occurrence of changes in the appearance of the optk disc is a

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occasion, found the growth so intensely hard that he failed to remove the

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of childhood, had curable nervous affection ; two only showed inherited

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which, after adhesions had once formed, grave troubles of sight fol-

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himself to be the victim of almost continuous erection. With all erection

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which the gauze dressing has been made up for a long time beforehand,

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eyes, skin, and vagina. On the other hand he was unable to produce

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and he seems to have the better of the argument; the other, by Dr. Gold-

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really parts of one great mixed nerve ; that they have a common nucleus

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inflammation remained, which was removed by the use of the hot vagi-

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that it undergoes decomposition within a few hours. From this source

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ago, was seized WMth a sharp pain in the right shoulder, and has never been in

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