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of other parts of the trunk and the limbs, are irritation of the sensory

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than that a diminished use of restraint does not increase the percentage of

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the arachnoid and pia mater (subarachnoid haemorrhage).

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of a simultaneous lesion of the spinal cord very greatly reduces the

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that something be done, when another edition of his " Practice " is called for,

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presence of Dr. Sparrow. Emaciation extreme, eyes deeply sun n,

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and bleeds easily, the pharynx is red, the tonsillar crypts are filled by a

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ritant, about ten minims of which is introduced drop by drop. The point of

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he does not think that they have ever entirely disappeared. He

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1877. J Recent Profjress in Genito- Urinary Surgery. 715

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He found also that stimulation by single induction shocks, applied at

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between its first two branches — the superior laryngeal and the ascending

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occur also in leukaemia and in pernicious anaemia ; and they cannot be

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be impos>ible. He had seen a similar case to this previously, and when the

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of injuring the uterus ; not so much traction on the tissues ; more firm

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and, on the whole, is a mixture of one part blood with ten or twelve parts

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herself a orreat deal of suffering which must have followed had not the

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dose. The form of alkaline solution recommended is a teaspoonful of bicar-

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the state contributes from thirty thousand to thirty-five thousand pounds per

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dermatic lesions, even bloody j)emphigus, but without rise of temperature.

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grayish-white, opaque fluid. Pleural surface was besmeared with a thin layer

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The quality of tlic urine was in stroiirr contrast witli its former ap-

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the various disorders, but the principal part of the work is devoted to treat-

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of cases there is evidence that occasionally the secretions poured into the

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of means. The rooms now used for that purpose look out by a glazed

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toms they are much less marked than when putrid pus is injected, this

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tected against evaporation, crenation will disappear in seventy-two hours.

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for warming and ventilating the " strong rooms " above, and also the

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844 Proceedings of the Ohntetrical Society of Boaton. [September 20,

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stammer were familiar to all. Around this appropriate personality there

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from other cases of melancholia. A physical examination is necessary.

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mild aperient. The patient should have her knees bound together, and

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membranous portion, and then, withdrawing the obturator, the lighting

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consider the matter in all its aspects. While the present building was

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favorite, Dr. Knight, of New Haven, chairman of " a committee of the whole."

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