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repeatedly removed and cauterized the growths, but the disease spread
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Stedinan, C Ellery. A case of Addison's disease, 470.
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of the uterus is taking place by reason of the traction exerted from below, and
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a diathesis developing itself sooner or later in the shape of rheumatism,
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in the dura. In the a,rachnoid, irregularly circular or oval shell-like plates
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which can scarcely be expected of drugs ; he needs the mental and will
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poor and to prevent imposition, let them try it. The superintendents of the
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managers of the hospital, who have almost exclusive control, and are probably
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been the subject of serious concern, and it is found that the planting of the
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were found in the abdominal cavity. The aorta presents a series of aneurisms,
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tissue. On opening the duodenum the papilla of the common duct was very
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entered the hospital June lt)th. Has been complaining six months. Has just
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more strange that the iron can reach the heart by way of the valveless
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idly with saliva, and suddenly the blood is expelled all at once, and the
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with increased flow of saliva and looseness of teeth. The lead line has
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ate of the native who earns liis daily bread in their midst.
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the first paper the author points out that, so far as the treatment of typhoid is
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are primarily intra-spinal in origin. To this class belong diffuse disease
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in thee; John xvii. 21,— It is true, they are not
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weaker, it produced no appreciable effect on pulse or urine. Death
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no improvement in the temperature. On the 5th an irregular line of
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Resolved, That it is the sense of this meeting that the members of the Mas-
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Their conception of the mechanism of vaso-motor action will be given in
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of which I cannot now stop to find out definitely. I rememher just such a
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opening the abscess in the pleura, has washed it out and closed it up ngain
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tions are not matters of importance in the causation of puerperal disease,
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may generally be removed by operation with fair prospects of success,
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