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instances this degradation of the symptoms is reached at a compara-

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frangula, tamarinds, and still others. These medicines can be in-

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In the great majority of cases no other treatment is required.

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subject. Disease symptoms must be considered collectively, as well

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of Kissingen, Marienbad, Homburg, Piillna, Friedrichshall, Eacoczy,

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mucous, fluids, bile and blood, also violent purging. Later the rice

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heel, all along the right leg, and in the knee and hip joints of the same

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The cells shed from the surface layers are usually of the flat varieties.

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the production and retention of urates acts as a predisposing cause

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twenty-four hours from the commencement of treatment. It reads

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president, professors, and lecturers were constituted a

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resulting from it. The rapid occurrence of palpitation in such pa-

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lace each other, some of which possess elastic properties. It

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facts stand forth that permit of arrangement into a working classification.

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other hand, in a more serious eczematous condition, astringent salves

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other kindred complications. Sir A. Garrod has shown the utility

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maintenance of the laboratory became a favorite object

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and youths; but even in girls this must not be neglected, nor put too

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trance to the front of the lecturer's platform ; and is

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increasing during childhood is termed by Chambers a kind of mal-

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It is impossible to fix a fractured rib or a broken collar bone so as

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meat, though whollj' unwise to take it in any considerable quantity.

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not be distiuguislied from acute rheumatism are not unusuaL Pur-

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Tlie causal factor of au improper nutrition is not only related to

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