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left to drain the wound. The operation was a formidable one, owing to

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Even if the silk be carbolized and cut short in the wound, and the

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his moral system from that time forward, no matter how wide and liberal may

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itself, may be easily accepted both from the anatomical relations of the

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Although the first two Croonian lectures, which dealt with the pharma-

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terioration, however carefully kept, from time, air, li^^ht, and heat. It

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prevalent in England, which has certainly something to recommend it, that

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Chrysophanic Acid and Goa Powder.^ — Goa powder is little else

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of research to each succeeding generation — the problem of disease. Of

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method seen to be surrounded, chiefly on its mesial aspect, by gelatinous

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I found that although the os uteri was well dilated and yielding, and the pains

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rare if care were taken to bring the whole denuded surface together : all the

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smallest fruit or exerieseenee of the earth, seaToo

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illa was found to be nearly absorbed. On examination by Dr. Fitz the dis-

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to this new production. I need not give here a detail of cases in which

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almshouses and county houses, and report to this society. This process he ex-

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guish between fractures due to direct violence, and those due to indirect

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was continued, and the number of injections were increased. Finally,

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Other countries are in no better condition. The world seems at present

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arthritis it is the reverse, the hip bein<^ the most and the knee the least fre-

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patient was in a state of profound coma ; a loud call was unheeded,

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promote, and during the progress of which the agent does not come in

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nature of the disease, it is well known that in certain forms, at least, it is very

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Kriege gives a case of perforation of the stomach, which was treated

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Lecturer on Diseases of the Rectum in the Kentucky School of Medicine.

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Neumann found the tip and alae of the nose drawn in and covered

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skin, and a one-half per cent, solution in the deeper parts ; only while the

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III. Oral examination on subjects of preliminary education, general lit-

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well-known work on diseases of children. I would like to add what

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sign of what is commonly called " ioxk amblyopia" that is to say, of a

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volume, with occasional commendatory allusions to Simon's severe operations ;

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experiment, to suj)port his theory : The spinal cord of a strong young

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in his address on Surgery, printed in the British Medical Journal^ August 17,

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The tumor removed from the orbit was an inch in length by one

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can be detected. In like manner, dullness on percussion and crepitation

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lonor affo suiTiiested that the disorderly movements of chorea mio;ht be

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