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complete loss of smell ; in the other the forehead was the part struck,

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had seen were transient and evidently due to the extreme exhaustion follow-

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hii^h ; the eiibie space for each i)atient at the Dunvers is the greatest,

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With regard to treatment, it miMit be conceived that if there existed

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ally contracted^ louse their tone^ and never !»•

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and from the facts of experiment. It is stated that the trunk of the

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their treatment and apartments, either here or abroad. The study and

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A pulse of 140 or more is a serious and alarming symptom. I find it in

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gion. Catamenia have always been regular, and not attended with much pain

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nal, December 13th, page 680), the paragraph following Dr. Ray's letter should read as fol-

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to avoid the provoking of a necessity to micturate, and thus cause the

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ment, and placed it before the profession. The same, with a slight modi-

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the ethmoid are very readily torn off. He thought that in those cases of deaf-

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changes had been found, in one case in the recurrent and in tlie other in the

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both catarrhal and purulent, have been frequently reported in the last

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to the curve which would bound the inferior border of a plane bisecting

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nearly complete closure of the glottis). The Larynx was free from ex-

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active caustic is made from oak-wood ashes evaporated to dryness. Both of

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symptoms which under favorable circumstances it also relieves,

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ing results, provided the action on man is similar to that on dogs : When

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this subject to the attention of the profession is the more urgent as there seems

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May 26th, 6.15 a. m. Rested well all night. Pulse 92 ; respiration

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rate scientific knowledge which was not conceived of even ten years ago.

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course of six months. The patient was sixty-five years old, and had been

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it every eight minutes ; has seven accidents every day in its 7000 miles of

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lular tissue beyond ; the everted surfaces were greatly hy])ertrophied,

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was found, as well as the usual spinal lesions. As Rosenbach points

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to test M-ith very small objects, many of which have been suggested by

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in one of which it died. No urine had been passed and none was found even

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