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and trapezius muscles may therefore be paralysed as a result of chronic

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size ; 1 because of placenta j)raivia ; 1 because of arm presentation ; 1

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supposition that the bladder has absorptive power. Experiments con-

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for a few days until medical and soothing treatment can place the suf-

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Medical Association that Dr. Nicholas Senn, of Chicago,has given his collection

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We reproduce the passage in Professor Hitchcock's paper which we called

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can be attached. The duration of such extension varies, of course,

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were removed, several of which were discovered some distance from the

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stopped by the hand the liquor amnii was prevented from escaping.

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of great weakaess, which was bat Httls iaiaeared faj geatiaa, aax

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undoubtedly a most powerful germicide, and, moreover, is not poisonous,

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Dr. Karl "Dthio {American Journal of ike Medical Sciences) noies that

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Record, urges the free use of hydrogen peroxide for the purpose of disin-

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was packed into the uterus after irrigation with bichloride of mercury solu-

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must be confined to the microscopical ; bacteriological cultivation is too

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Dr. Chad wick inquired how the pain was controlled.

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wards. Signs of a cavity appeared in the left lung, and the patient

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to explain the fact that stimulation of these nerves may be followed

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grains, in a pill, before each meal was prescribed ; the iron to be continued

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xxxiv. p. 469.-69. Siemekling. Arch. f. Psych. 1891, xxii. pp. 191, 257.— 70.

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Dr. Chas. O'Reilly, superintendent of the Toronto General Hospital, was

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above than below. When stripped up, it left a smooth, glistening surface

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