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uncontrollable or being a precursor of perforation, probably most

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4 mg. of uric acid. There was nothing in the clinical history or

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as to this; but, on the other hand, the list is by no means complete.

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alone the spectroscopic methods are to be preferred to those based

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astringent injection be thrown up. The injection which I have generally used,

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which almost filled the cavity of the pelois, and which at first might have been

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small hard body in rapid movement may splinter the middle of the arch. On

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not be considered as the only pathogenesis, to the exclusion of

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it was some other substance was shown by the difference in the

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to their own. I can recall the time when an occasional teacher of

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We presume he is not an athlete; for assuredly most surgeons in following

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will go through practically any stricture permeable to water.

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February, 1911, pain and swelling in knee and great toe. Duration three

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now adopted. Ten ounces of blood were taken from the arm, and a bandage was

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confident that it often offers most valuable assistance as an aid

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the bed-clothes, in order to satisfy myself of the cause that prevented my

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ing to my terminology) is a subdivision of the latter and relates only to the con-

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instances." The treatment of this affection is admirably explained, and

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is the fact. It is very dilficult to explain this apparent anomaly; I shall, however,

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We have thus endeavoured to present to our readers a general view

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in adult life in cases of new growth is of course quite in conso-

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tempt to conceal it? Would a woman hide her child under a barn

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Wholesome, for the similar outbreaks uf another renowned alchymist —

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to sink, but he never complained of head-ache, giddiness, convulsions, or para-

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the vessels are separated by a septum of uterine structure scarce thicker

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to the place of the infusion puncture at the time of the operation and

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the aftections, known by the name of idiopathic fevers, depend upon

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appears after some time, and the patient recovers his intelligence, but xoUh pa-

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with hydrochloric acid gas. After dilution if necessary with alcohol

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