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Some three or four years ago, feeling overtasked, he endeavored to give up all

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our great lack of success in the treatment of that very prevalent and fatal

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fact that movements may be largely represented in parts the destruction of

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scarcely at all, and liquids frequently regurgitated through the mouth or

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the patient be given water in large quantities at frequent intervals, with the

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with fuming nitric acid, after using the scalpel freely ; this a couple of hours

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repeated for a time, the animal gradually merges into coma, and shortly

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membrane for several weeks unless the patient's safety required it.

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tence with some degeneration, probably, of the cardiac muscle also. She has

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84 Middlesex East Diatrict Medical Society, [July 12,

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seldom, perhaps never.' Accepting these statements, then, and applying

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(32) "Suprapubic Lithotomy : A Case"— W. J. Gibson, Belleville.

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cians would have nothing to do with the congress. The old world looked

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Dr. Folsom's table of Fatal Accidents for Ten Years in Asylums for the

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The writer is convinced that the chlorosis is an exaggeration of a

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^ 2 Handbuch der Entwickelungsgeschichte des Mensehen, Berlin, 1835. s. 211 and 212.

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MorJiid anatomy. — The inner surface of the spinal dura is covered by

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is oiu' coininon to lUMi'lv all llic diseases of tlio urinary oi'^^ans, iiaiiioly,

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fact that, although both eyes are looking at the same o1)jcct, its aj)])('arance

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Vital Statistics for 1875 in the State of Massachusetts. — Dr. Drapkr said

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has aptly designated a telescoping process. In respect to the aetiology of this

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a fibrous sheath, and lyino; between the vertebral column on one side and

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With roii^nrd, in llie first place, to the new system of wein;lits and

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M, Hanot has reported many observations which demonstrate the

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aration for the wann-hatli-likc atmos])lierc })revailing in the month of Au-

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otology by Drs. Burnett and Blake, such as has usually appeared in tlie trans-

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patient and dispensary systems invite patients and frauds instead of

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